The REAL FAQ! 12/07/2007

The main reason why I'm starting this FAQ is because the page I'm about to put out on Sunday, 12/10/07, is reeeealy confusing. I suppose this will help.

Q: The story seems to jump back and forth. What's going on with your paneling?!
A: MIKI! is a manga, which means it's Japanese(ish). In traditional Japanese manga, the panels read from right to left. On some of the more confusing pages, there are little numbers to help you.

Q: What's up with  Miki's hair?
A: So she's got some weird hair. What's wrong with that? I actually got the idea for Miki's hair from a video game. (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii. Awesome game! Look out for a character named Illa's hair. That's where I got it from!) By the way, I happen to LIKE not having to spend five hours drawing hair for one panel!

Q: Where and when does this story take place?
A: MIKI! takes place in an alternate universe on a world called Xi (pronounced "ji"). Xi is behind Earth on "modern technology", but it's full of many different kinds of powerful magic (cliche!) There are five major regions of Xi, but since I don't want to give anything away, the only thing I'll tell you now is that one of them is a country called Tayoutami ("Sun Nation" in Japanese), which is, for now, the most powerful region. And yes, Miki is the princess of Tayoutami.

Q: Who are all of these characters and what do they have to do with each other?! Please explain the plot so far.
A: Well, first of all, if you're having trouble, check out the Issues page, which is like the manga only in written form. Anyway, so this part is like the prologue, where you get all the background info. IT takes place seven years before the actual story begins. In the first few pages, the princess of a kingdom called Tayoutami (sun nation) named Miki is playing with a wooden sword, which is her favorite hobby. Her father, the King, then enters and gives Miki one of the greatest treasures of Tayoutami: the Sun Sword, or Tateka-Hikari. NOTE: The King is a very fun and silly character, while Miki is usually very serious. (I hope this clears a few things up.) Moving on, now we cut to the castle town of Tayoutami, called Anpi ("hope"), where a boy named Ryouta is making himself a magic wand(the Issues page explains this a lot better). He then needs a power source, so he goes into the dangerous Kuro("black")  Forest in search of the rare Water Unicorn, whose hair he will use as his energy source. Now, we cut once more to Ryouta's brother, Kouhei, who is out buying Nun-chucks for himself, since he is a great martial artist. (The part with the girls on page 6 is just to show that he is physically attractive and will foreshadow later things in the book!!) When he gets home, he sees that Ryouta is gone. And that's where we leave off, at least until Page 7 (look down!!)

Q: Help me with Page 7. What is going on here?!!!!!!
A: Kouhei is now mad at Ryouta  for leaving without his permission and goes into the Forest to search for him. He finds Ryouta by a spring in the Forest. The bottom panels on this page are just a mesh of a bunch of things that are happening all at once. Kouhei is trying to get Ryouta's attention, Ryouta is calling upon the Water Unicorn to arise from the spring, and there are Sun Soldiers(Soldiers of Tayoutami) marching towards the two brothers, whom they will attack. When the soldiers arrive at the spring, Kouhei and this one soldier have a staring contest(sort of). Again, check the Issues page!