This is a site about the manga I made, called MIKI!, which can be viewed on the "The Manga" page. Check out the other pages too, and maybe post something in the blog (hint, hint). I make updates regularly, so check back!


Alright, I've got a couple things to say...
1: I'm probably getting a ".com" soon. Hold yer horses, and relax, you'll know when I do. It will be more for my artwork in general, but it'll still have the manga on it.
2: Yeah, the membership thing's happening! *yaaaay* but not until i get a domain.
3: I'm offering commissions now. I'll have a lot of time over the summer, so keep 'em coming! I do animated pixel icons/avatars (Click for examples!), plain ol' anime drawings, digitally/traditionally colored drawings, realistic drawings, or ill even draw panels for a story idea of your own! kthxbai.